Are the lights dimmable?2020-06-23T10:55:37+02:00

Basically dimmability depends on the bulb used. If the bulb is dimmable the lamp will be too. When purchasing  an LED bulb please make sure it is compatible with your dimmer.
Some models in our new UNIBODY series are  supplied with bulbs already included. Please pay attention to the item description. If bulbs are installed specifications will be named in the product description. Most of the LEDs used in the new series are dimmable though.

What is the max. wattage we can use?2020-06-23T10:55:44+02:00

With LED bulbs heat development plays a subordinate role. You can choose color and power according to your purpose. Pay attention to the recommendation of the shape for each lamp model in the product description.  Conventional light bulbs can be used to max. 40W. Stronger bulbs could  pose a danger due to heat development.

How can we install two or more lights on one cable outlet?2020-06-23T10:55:53+02:00

This can be achieved in different ways. The easiest (and in most cases also the most charming) way is to install a so-called “monkey swing”. Here the cables are installed over a canopy with several cable outlets and led to the desired position via hooks. If you let the cables sag a little, you get the picture of a monkey swing. We usually have canopies with two outlets in stock and can add them free of charge if you wish (write a short message in the order note). If you need additional parts, we recommend the website www.creative-cables.de. They have a good selection of all possible parts for the installation at a reasonable price. Another option is to use a rail.

Is it possible to purchase the lights in other colors?2020-06-23T10:56:07+02:00

Basically, we can manufacture lights in any color. We can offer dark brown or black lamps with a relatively small surcharge. We have the paint in stock, but so far we manufacture the lamps as individual pieces. If you want an individual color, we can mix it  according to NCS or RAL tones. After notification of the color (photo or code), we create a sample plate and manufacture the lamps after your approval. We have already equipped various bakeries, doctor’s surgeries or restaurants with lamps in logo or special colors, but have also made individual pieces to match the sofa coveror carpet for example. Fell free to contact us. We are happy to consider how we can best implement your request. Depending on the order situation and number of pieces, you should be prepared for a delivery time of 1-3 weeks.

Is it possible to make the lamps in larger sizes?2020-06-23T10:56:07+02:00

Yes, we can also make the lights significantly larger. Example: AION up to approx. 70cm in diameter. The higher weight here requires a different suspension system and thicker material for the rings than we use in series production. Since significantly more material is required and we usually manufacture pieces the pieces individually or in small series, the price is correspondingly higher here. We usually only send such extra sizes fully assembled to ensure that everything fits perfectly. Please contact us if you are interested. We make every effort to meet all wishes.

My table has this size – which or how many lamps do you recommend?2020-06-23T10:56:07+02:00

It’s hard to answer that in general. It depends on the room size, height and the feel you wish to crate. As a rule of thumb, you can say one lamp per 60 / 80cm table. If the room is 2.5m high, then the smaller models are more likely. If the ceilings are 3m or higher, then the XL versions are more likely. With AION XL, one lamp per meter is sufficient. Models like ENA or TEIA turn the table into a light island with reflector lamps. It is rather cozy. AION emits more light upwards and illuminates the room more. If you send us a photo by email, we will be happy to advise you.

Is it simple to shorten the cables?2020-06-23T10:56:15+02:00

Shortening the cables is generally not a problem. Cut off at the desired spot, shorten the textile coating and wrap it with insulating tape. Then (important!) provide the strands again with ferrules or a solder joint. If you are unsure about this, we recommend having the installation carried out by specialists.

Why don’t the lights in your pictures cast striped shadows?2020-06-23T10:56:15+02:00

The smaller (point-shaped) the light source is, the stronger the shadows, because the light only comes from one direction. A clear light bulb of a conventional type e.g. will create strong stripes because the filament is a very small light source. On the other hand, if you use a globe lamp with a frosted glass diffuser, the light source is many times larger. The light comes from different directions and in this way causes the shadows (depending on the actual size) to almost disappear. Here, too, the tastes are different. Some customers send pictures of striped rooms. Others choose the frosted glass version. Filament LEDs are somewhere in between, as they have usually various sources.

Are the lamps UL listed?2020-06-23T10:56:03+02:00

Since the costs for UL certification are very high and the UL listing is only required in the North American market, we have decided against it so far. Our main focus is the european market which is covered by the CE certification system. Usually there are opportunities to get a UL listing with local cooperation partners in the US. For example we supply a major US restaurant chain and there was a solution even without us beeing UL listed.